Anchovy In The UK


This was a kind of botched British tapas; a melange of anchovy, chicken stew, tuna, fried chicken wings and soft cheese triangles, thrown together like a 70’s punk band; without any thought for good taste.

The anchovy is a strange fish, one of the few fish to become a pizza topping. A highly scented sprat that comes in a jar. Just tip them on a plate and they’re done.

anchovie-ukThe chicken stew was just thigh with the skin pulled off and slow cooked in some water with herbs in it. I opened and added some chopped mixed stew vegetables. It turned out more of a broth and no-one ate it. Not exactly finger food.

The best was Joe’s sizzling tuna, the recipe for this is on the site somewhere.

If punk is the tapas of the urban guerrilla, this is the best fish since Sild Vicious.