Beet is Burger

Sounds like Morrissey with a cold but this is a beetroot inspired burger, for those of you who like it purple.

The recipe is as follows.

Fry some chopped onions and chopped red pepper in a pan, wth a pinch of pepper, turmeric and cumin.

Put this all in a smoothie machine with a large beetroot, not the sort that comes pickled in a jar, the vegetable one. Add a tin of chick peas, a tablespoon of oil and an egg. And some spinach if you have it.  Also some sweet chilli sauce, or any sauce which might help.

Take it out and form into burger shapes on tin foil.

Cook in the oven for 20 mins at 200C, or 180 in a fan oven. Gingerly urn over after 10 mins so it doesn’t crumble.

Eat in a bun. Follow with a dessert; a custard flan, caramel flan, or whatever charming flan you prefer.