Elvis Parsley


Uh huh huh.

The recipe contains vegetables in pastry (blue swede choux), and was fried in amazing grease. I cooked and ate the meal in the place where I live, basically in the gateau. The recipe is as follows:

Heat an oven up to 200C and boil some water in a pan

Melt some butter in a pan (approximate measures are given here to make the recipe more unpredictable), take off heat and whisk in some flour

Beat in some eggs. Spoon the mixture out and make golf ball sized lumps on a baking tray. Pop the balls in the oven for 20 mins

Finely dice some swede, boil this for 20 mins

Cut a hole in the pastry, gently stuff the swede in

Heat some double cream up in a pan, crumble some blue cheese in and stir. When all the cheese has melted, add some Elvis parsley.

Pour onto the choux. Job done.

Rage Cuisine Tip:
This is highly calorific. Use single cream instead to love me slender.
The recipe features Steve Munroe as Lester Campbell in the movie
The Altruist, albeit with an additional sprig of parsley.
Thank you very much.