The Great Avocado Heist – Kiwis Dip Into Crime!


New Zealand has been hit by a wave of avocado thefts this year after a poor growing season. The increased popularity of these fruits have driven up the price of a single avocado to about CDN$3.50-5.50 (NZ$4-6 each), according to a report in The Guardian. The stolen fruit is reportedly being sold at local markets, but orchards have started upping security to thwart thieves. For the time being, law-abiding Kiwis will have to either cut back on guac and avo toast they’re consuming and Instagramming, or shell out more green for their avos.

Other burglary related food capers…

Maple Syrup
The elaborate heist of approximately $18 million worth of maple syrup in Quebec in 2011-12 stuck with Canucks. Eventually 26 people were arrested in relation to the crime, according to Global News. At one point Jason Segel was reportedly set to star in a Hollywood comedy based on what’s been dubbed the Great Maple Syrup Caper. Alas, Segel’s IMDB page does not list any syrup-related projects, leaving things open for CBC to a do a movie-of-the-week version with one of the Canadian Ryans (Gosling or Reynolds), mais non?

People are rightfully nuts about Nutella. Thieves in Germany made off with five metric tons of the yummy hazelnut-chocolate spread back in 2013. At the time, there was no word on what the thieves planned to do with approximately $20,000 worth of the gooey stuff. One can only assume the thieves had a crepe, banana and Nutella celebratory meal after pulling off the heist, then reluctantly sold the remaining tubs on the black market.

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