Julian Assange Lasagne

This is a quirky recipe enjoyed most evenings in the Ecuadorian embassy. It is basically a lasagne with finely sliced carrots placed upon the top, and is inspired by the founder of Wickedleeks – a community of Welsh allotment enthusiasts, which has spread to include lovers of outsized vegetables across the world.

At Rage, we believe in culinary transparency. We believe that truth should be fed to the masses. We also believe there’s only so much free pizza a man can eat with diplomatic staff before he’s driven into the kitchen to create some food of his own. Here’s the recipe:

Phone the shop on an untapped line and ask if they do deliveries

Fry up some mince, and add a jar of some sort of ragu…. add a stock cube and whatever herbs are in the cupboard.

Oil an ovenproof dish. Pour in some ragu, put pasta sheets on top, pour on white sauce, more pasta sheets, then ragu and repeat until run out of pasta or patience

Finely slice some Julian carrots and place them on the top. Heat the whole lot for 45 mins at 180C. Slip into the night dressed as a lasagne delivery man.

Rage Cuisine Tip:

The Julian carrots were a bit of an afterthought, they did go slightly crispy in the oven and turned up like Aladdin’s slippers. The diplomatic leek surprise may well have been a better option.