Never Mind The Pollocks


First of all you’ve got to be hungry enough to open up the bag of pollocks that’s been festering in the freezer.

Pour milk into a saucepan, enough to cover the fish

Top up whatever milk you don’t have with water and bring to a simmer

Put a couple of frozen cubes of spinach into the milk and defrost

Cut an onion up into little bits and add

Place a jacket potato in the microwave and blast on full power for 6 minutes

Whilst this is microwaving, tip the pollock in the pan.

If it doesn’t fit, it snaps easily by the way

Stir it all round until it seems cooked, the pollock bag I bought suggested 6 minutes

Add herbs and such like to taste


Add Country Life butter (of course) to the potato and serve alongside fish.

Rage Cuisine Tip:

Never mind the pollocks. God save the bream.

Pollock bag image spotted by Mr I. Seale Esq in Southend News Network

Image of John Lyndon from Country Life Ad. Possibly not a public image. No infringement intended.