Plants Versus Insects

The rise of plant based foods in the last year has been startling, as has the recognition that vegetables are plants and that plants are sexier.

The veggie burger has been supplanted (no pun intended) by the plant burger and by doing so has cast aside any lingering images of placard carrying hippy activists such as Neil from The Young Ones.

Nice people have plants, and they are less controversial than vegetables.  The environmental footprint of plants is less than livestock, however there’s another source of protein with a similarly low impact. Insects.

Insects are less cuddly than plants. I personally wouldn’t keep a large one in the bedroom. They are also slightly less vegan, but on the plus side they do consume animal an human waste and create less greenhouse gas than livestock.

Perhaps the quest for protein will boil down to vegans vs insectivores. Personally I will always prefer a plant burger. It just isn’t cricket.


H/t image from plants vs insects game, available on Amazon.