Prawn Connery

Whether cheering on Andy Moray, or starring in films like The Rock, this Scottish recipe is fish-pun dynamite.
Known for playing a debonair spry with a licence to krill, the recipe should be neither shaken or stirred, but is best avoided in it’s entirety. It is technically edible, but by God you’d need thunder balls to try it.
The recipe goes as follows:
Fry onions and mushrooms first, as these are the last to burn
Chop and add spring onions, carrot, celery and potatoes
Shell and add the prawns
Heat suavely, with butter and oil – until it starts to sweat
Add some flour, pouring in half a can of Guinness whilst you stir. Neck the other half.
Add mixed herbs to taste, a hint of fish stock and a bay leaf. Or buy some Bouquet Garni from Schwartz in the form of a tea bag.

Rage Cuisine Tip:
In the words of the great man himself, ‘Never fall in love with a prawn. They’re too shellfish to be in a relationship.’