Skate Middleton


It’s not every day that you try to combine a fairly robust fish recipe with a princess, especially one who’s in line to eventually assume the highest perch in the land.

This skate is formerly of a Scottish school, is noted for its distinctive crown, and is a fish fit for a king. Long may she ray’n.

Here’s the recipe:
1) Take a large skate wing, rinse it, pop it on a dish and cover with milk.

2) Season some flour with salt, black pepper, jerk seasoning and chilli powder and trawl the milk damp fish through it. I don’t have much in the way of seasoning in the house. Chilli and jerk powder goes pretty well with most things

3) Place the wings in a hot frying pan and cook for 3 mins each side.

4) Add some capers; it somehow makes the proceedings more regal.

5) Slice a lemon and squeeze it over the fish. Serve with Royal potatoes.

Rage Cuisine Tip:
The term cheap skate must come from the roller skate variety,
mine was quite pricey. Mind you, there was enough to go round half
the household cavalry and still have spare for the corgis.