Snowden The Hole

SnowdenThis is a companion dish to Julian Lasagne, although the two are very rarely seen in the same room. I wasn’t going to divulge the recipe for this as, well… it does utilise my own special secret mixture of herbs and spices which gives a unique tinge to the batter. But what are a few ingredients between friends?

There are rumours it’s been enjoyed in a number of intelligence agencies due to a backdoor in the recipe, so I’ve blown my own whistle on this one. Eating this could very well help with transit… possibly a bit too well. Cook thoroughly, or you’ll be making more unscheduled stops than the Bolivian president’s jet.


The recipe is as follows:

Find some pork sausages, plenty of them, reduced to clear of course,

Normally you would put these in a casserole dish and just bake, but I decided to scorch them first in a pan

My batter wasn’t great, but ideally you should whisk together eggs, flour and milk so it’s fairly smooth. Mine looked like a snowdrift in a Siberian sausage factory

Place the sausages in the casserole dish, three-quarter cover in batter and heat at 220C for half an hour. You may notice that the sausages are all tied together; ideally separate them before you start baking.

Rage Cuisine Tip:

Mount Snowdon used to be a hill in Wales; now it’s a honey trap operation. Always take care with your sausage.