Wholly Mackerel


This recipe pretty much speaks for itself. It is a feast for any gourmand, but preferably a blind gourmand with an impaired sense of smell, and maybe even a strong head cold. It resembles, in many ways, a forensic scene at a fishmongers rather than something you’d have for dinner. There goes the Masterchef award for another year.
Chop and boil some potatoes. Chop a leek, onions and mushrooms. Finely slice a garlic bulb and a ginger knob. Fry this all up
Add a tin of pre-chopped tomatoes, some butter, paprika , cayenne pepper. Anything fiery or exotic that comes to hand. Pour sauce into a pan
Add a splatter of discounted seafood mix – from the due to expire section of shop
Simmer to get the flavours through, and pour in some fish stock to reinforce the seafoody taste
Get some mackerel, with head removed and innards missing Fry this fish in another pan, with oil, butter and squeeze of lime (optional)
Rub some nutmeg inside the fish, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Mash the potatoes. Serve on a plate – mash first, then balance the fish on top.


Rage Cuisine Tip:
Buying discounted seafood really is an underrated art form. Good luck with that!